Super Hype on Haikyuu! Chapter 247


Ahhhhhh!! Super Hype on the latest chapter of Haikyuu!

Early on the chapter it was revealed that Karasuno Volleyball Team is only one game away from the much anticipated Battle of the Heap Trash with Nekoma which is a game everyone is waiting for. As the chapter progress it is suddenly revealed that in order for Karasuno to advance and battle it with Nekoma, they need to beat Inazikawa High School, team of Miya, the setter who called Kageyama a goody two shoes. He is considered not only as an excellent setter but also a very talented server, named Best Server both on middle school and Interhigh according to Kageyama making Asahi nervous. Other important figures on his team are also introduced such as Ojiro Aran, their main scorer who’s on the same league as Bokuto and can be considered very close to the Top 3 spikers in the country and Suna Rintarou their skilled middle blocker with superb game sense. These people shocked and make Karasuno feel a little troubled but of course our odd ball duo simply states that it’s a good thing because this way they can defeat both the strongest and second strongest team in the country making the others just shake their heads on the duos unexplainable confidence. Though this declaration seemed to help Karasuno to relax and be excited for the 2nd day match.

Last minute warm up before the match between Inazikawa and Karasuno, we are surprise once again when it was revealed that they won’t only deal with one Miya but two! Miya Osamu is the twin brother of Miya Atsumu. Now it won’t be so easy to overcome the Miyas. Even if they pass through Atsumu there will be Osamu to save the ball. Truly the match starting on next week’s issue will be exciting! I can’t wait for chapter 248!


My Love for Akmu

akdong-musician-suhyun-chanhyuk-yang-hyun-suk_1457108392_af_org.jpgAaaahh! I so love Akmu. I’ve stumbled upon them while I was browsing through youtube videos and now I can’t get enough of them and their music.

Akdong Musician (aka AkMu) is a pair of talented sibblings Lee Suhyun and Lee Chanhyuk. Chanhyuk is the lead vocalist, guitarist and song writer while Suhyun is the main vocalist.

I was intrigued by them when I watched them in weekly idol where they “perfected” the random dance play of their musics and other YG idols like Bigbang and Heechul of Super Junior being a huge fan of theirs. They were so cute, lovable, funny and entertaining. My heart, no my ears were captured by the unique tune and lyrics of their songs so I started my research about them.

Right now they have released 3 music albums named Play, Spring and Winter which was just released this January 3rd. I was surprised to learn that they are music chart monsters with their songs winning the top spots in different music charts in Korea and America.

Akmu Album Cover.jpg
AkMu Album Play, Spring and Winter Cover

I’ve also come to know that they were the winners of KPop Star Season 2 and was signed under YG Entertainment! I ended watching that season of Kpop Star just to watch AkMu perform their original songs and squeal whenever they were praised for their songs and performance. I really like suhyun’s voice. It is so beautiful and she can reach really high notes, I really can explain it. I just love her voice. Her and  Chanhyuk’s voice really complements each other. One of their really famous song from that competition is Don’t Cross Your Leg, Is it Ramen and Crescendo. Don’t Cross Your Legs has hilarious lyrics while Is it Ramen and Crescendo has encouraging words but with the same playful tone and and catchy melody that you can’t get enough of.

I really hope that more people will come to know about them and their special music. They were really talented, Chanhyuk who excels in songwriting and Suhyun with her unique voice though both are good singers and musicians. They even made a song about hangul (korean alphabet)! How genius is that! I wish they will have lots of albums. It is unfair that they only have 3 album in their 6 years of being active in the music industry.

Lovable siblings  Suhyun and Chanhyuk

I will miss them now that Chanhyuk enlisted for his mandatory military training and won’t be active for two years. I hope we can have many more wonderful music on their comeback in two years time. Now I hope for a solo album or songs from Suhyun while Chanhyuk is on military. I’ve read in some news article that he already wrote songs for Suhyun’s solo so I just hope it will be produced by YG. Jaebal Yang Hyun Suk sajangnim…



Goblin (도깨비) drama poster

I’m currently watching Goblin or 도깨비 (ddokkaebi ), a korean drama about an immortal man, Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) who was cursed to be a goblin and a grim reaper (Lee Dong Wook) who has no idea about his past life.

With power to meddle with life and death of humans, Kim Shin save a woman destined to be picked up by Mr. Grim Reaper.

More than 10 years have passed, Kim Shin met a high school girl named Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) who can see ghosts and believes that she is the goblin’s bride, the one destined to draw out the sword from his body and finally end his immortal life.

Watching this drama is so addicting. The cinematography and angle shots are amazing and very artistic. I love the graphics and effects. The music and original soundtracks are lovable. The story so far has lots of mysteries that you want to unravel and keeps you guessing on what will happen next. I love that the story is not super dramatic and not overly comedic just the enough amount of everything blending together. It is bittersweet which keeps me squealing in love and sad with the plight of Goblin and his bride.


Mt. Daraitan for the Third Time – Climb for A Cause Leg 2

Mt. Daraitan is found in the outskirts of Tanay in the province of Rizal. A mountain made of luscious forest and beautiful rock formation with the additional beauty of the Tinipak River at its base is the venue for our Climb for a Cause Leg 2.

This climb aims to raise funds to help in building a school for NHTA Center for Education that offers free education for poor children in Cainta.

This will be my third climb to Mt. Daraitan. First was April 2014 and the second is summer last year. And in this three years I can see lots of changes in the mountain compared to my first clim in 2014.

We arrived at Brgy. Daraitan at 6:45 in the morning but there were already so many people preparing to climb Mt. Daraitan. I was surprised to learn that there is a new trail going to the summit. It is longer but a little easier that the normal trail which is full of ascends and steep slopes. Given that some of our companions are beginners and I am curious as well, we chose to follow this new trail which is a good choice because all the other groups chose the old trail. We have the new trail all to ourselves!

daraitan 1
Start of the new trail

The start of the trail is flat with minimal to no inclines at all. We also have the view of the nearby mountains because we were treading  along the side of Mt. Daraitan.

After we went through a grassland where we can see the peak of Mt. Daraitan, the trail begun to change and gradual slopes and inclines were encountered. These changes forced us to take rest every 10 minutes. The trail on this part is not yet well established which can indicate that this trail is new and not so many people pass through this path.

daraitan 2
The mimi-rockies along the trail and the grassland

Thirty minutes from the summit, there’s a mini rockies where we took our pictures. There is about two more mini rockies to see as you went to the summit.

daraitan 3
Not fully established trail along the forest going to the peak that reminds me of Mt. Makiling

I was surprised to see the summit. There were no more thick trees surrounding the rock formation of the summit but a group of rocks cleared of any trees that may hinder the views from the summit. I didn’t know what to feel. I missed the trees but there were lot of place to take pictures now unlike a year before where you can only see glimpse of the sceneries around Mt. Daraitan due to the many trees surrounding the peak.

daraitan 4

After 15 minutes, we were asked to vacate the rockies so that another group could take pictures. Sad. 😦 We used to be able to stay there for how much long we want and eat our food at the summit but now we could only stay in the summit for 15 minutes to take pictures.

We went to Tinipak River after we ate lunch and once again mesmerized by its beauty. On the way to the river, there was a long line of people waiting just like the line in MRT. With so many people going to and from the river and narrow single path, we needed to wait and make turns in going to and from the river. After 30 minutes, we arrived at the river and dip into its cold water. All the fatigue and tiredness from the climb was washed away  by the water.

Some people from our group went on to explore the cave and experience the small lagoon inside the cave. Good thing there was no many people at that time so they didn’t need to wait for a long time and have the lagoon all for themselves for almost an hour. (when there are many people waiting to go to the cave, a group is only allowed to stay in the lagoon for 15 minutes)

Rain falls down in the afternoon, good thing we were already near the baranggay washing up. We asked the locals where can we eat a bulalo and point us to Venus Bulalohan. One order of bulalo is worth P100 and is said to be good for 2 persons. We asked for 4 orders but were surprise to see a gigantic serving of bulalo with oozing fats and bone marrow. We were so startled that we asked ate if it’s for 4 servings. She said no and we were so ecstatic and went on to eat and find the it so masarap! It’s even better than the bulalo we ate at Mahogany in Tagaytay. Plus, with its price of 100 pesos? It is so sulit!. So when you visit Mt. Daraitan, you should try to eat in Venus Bulalohan.

daraitan 5


See you again next year Mt. Daraitan!

Hike Tips:

• Go early. Mt. daraitan is so famous nowadays so lots of people are climbing it especially during weekends so if you want to enjoy the daraitan peaks for a longer period of time, come early. Who knows if you start the trek up by 3am, you may be bless to see the Mt. Daraitan sea of clouds!

• Take your lunch in Tinipak Campsite. There are lot of space here where you can eat and rest under the tree. Plus, there are lots of restroom where you can change so you don’t need to wait in line and it’s near the river.

• Clean up near the Baranggay Hall. From the campsite you still need to walk for about 30 minutes going to Baranngay Hall and going back it might rain and your clean clothes will be for nothing. It happened to us 🙂

Pictures courtesy of Rosalie Nofies of