Let’s Study the Korean Language!

Studying a new language is both an interesting and excruciating thing to do. As a part of a countries culture and history, one needs to learn deeper than just learning vocabularies and sentence structure.

Learning a new language is usually expensive but for the past years I have been studying the language of Korea without spending a lot of money. In my school, the Cainta Sejong Institute in Brookside Subdivision in Cainta, Rizal, named after the Great King Sejong of Korea, the creator of the Korean alphabet, you just need to pay five hundred pesos for books and other materials needed for the course. They are offering three courses of Korean language base on different levels, the beginner, intermediate and the advance course.

In the beginners course you will learn how to read and write hangeul, the korean letters. Learning the letters is easy but pronouncing it right and spellings of korean words is a difficult task.

There are eight levels of Korean language learning in Sejong Institute, only three are being offered at my school but this year, I together with 9 more students have the opportunity to study the Sejong Korean Language Level 5.  We started last Saturday and I had a great time albeit a little nervous for I have not been studying for a year because of work. We had a great teacher and I’m looking forward to learning more and being able to pass the TOPIK exam next year!


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