Super Hype on Haikyuu! Chapter 247


Ahhhhhh!! Super Hype on the latest chapter of Haikyuu!

Early on the chapter it was revealed that Karasuno Volleyball Team is only one game away from the much anticipated Battle of the Heap Trash with Nekoma which is a game everyone is waiting for. As the chapter progress it is suddenly revealed that in order for Karasuno to advance and battle it with Nekoma, they need to beat Inazikawa High School, team of Miya, the setter who called Kageyama a goody two shoes. He is considered not only as an excellent setter but also a very talented server, named Best Server both on middle school and Interhigh according to Kageyama making Asahi nervous. Other important figures on his team are also introduced such as Ojiro Aran, their main scorer who’s on the same league as Bokuto and can be considered very close to the Top 3 spikers in the country and Suna Rintarou their skilled middle blocker with superb game sense. These people shocked and make Karasuno feel a little troubled but of course our odd ball duo simply states that it’s a good thing because this way they can defeat both the strongest and second strongest team in the country making the others just shake their heads on the duos unexplainable confidence. Though this declaration seemed to help Karasuno to relax and be excited for the 2nd day match.

Last minute warm up before the match between Inazikawa and Karasuno, we are surprise once again when it was revealed that they won’t only deal with one Miya but two! Miya Osamu is the twin brother of Miya Atsumu. Now it won’t be so easy to overcome the Miyas. Even if they pass through Atsumu there will be Osamu to save the ball. Truly the match starting on next week’s issue will be exciting! I can’t wait for chapter 248!


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