My Love for Akmu

akdong-musician-suhyun-chanhyuk-yang-hyun-suk_1457108392_af_org.jpgAaaahh! I so love Akmu. I’ve stumbled upon them while I was browsing through youtube videos and now I can’t get enough of them and their music.

Akdong Musician (aka AkMu) is a pair of talented sibblings Lee Suhyun and Lee Chanhyuk. Chanhyuk is the lead vocalist, guitarist and song writer while Suhyun is the main vocalist.

I was intrigued by them when I watched them in weekly idol where they “perfected” the random dance play of their musics and other YG idols like Bigbang and Heechul of Super Junior being a huge fan of theirs. They were so cute, lovable, funny and entertaining. My heart, no my ears were captured by the unique tune and lyrics of their songs so I started my research about them.

Right now they have released 3 music albums named Play, Spring and Winter which was just released this January 3rd. I was surprised to learn that they are music chart monsters with their songs winning the top spots in different music charts in Korea and America.

Akmu Album Cover.jpg
AkMu Album Play, Spring and Winter Cover

I’ve also come to know that they were the winners of KPop Star Season 2 and was signed under YG Entertainment! I ended watching that season of Kpop Star just to watch AkMu perform their original songs and squeal whenever they were praised for their songs and performance. I really like suhyun’s voice. It is so beautiful and she can reach really high notes, I really can explain it. I just love her voice. Her and  Chanhyuk’s voice really complements each other. One of their really famous song from that competition is Don’t Cross Your Leg, Is it Ramen and Crescendo. Don’t Cross Your Legs has hilarious lyrics while Is it Ramen and Crescendo has encouraging words but with the same playful tone and and catchy melody that you can’t get enough of.

I really hope that more people will come to know about them and their special music. They were really talented, Chanhyuk who excels in songwriting and Suhyun with her unique voice though both are good singers and musicians. They even made a song about hangul (korean alphabet)! How genius is that! I wish they will have lots of albums. It is unfair that they only have 3 album in their 6 years of being active in the music industry.

Lovable siblings  Suhyun and Chanhyuk

I will miss them now that Chanhyuk enlisted for his mandatory military training and won’t be active for two years. I hope we can have many more wonderful music on their comeback in two years time. Now I hope for a solo album or songs from Suhyun while Chanhyuk is on military. I’ve read in some news article that he already wrote songs for Suhyun’s solo so I just hope it will be produced by YG. Jaebal Yang Hyun Suk sajangnim…


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